US Utility Patent
US 2013-0228623 A1
The Lot Tracking & Traceability System Our new collection kiosks, also provide the service of Lot Tracking & Traceability System which is used to track the movement throughout the collection process from the front line at the end of the line. Our automatic kiosks have a system integrated for the analysis of the identification of the costumer (barcode of the container or RFID) to track the costumer that recycles. The system also detects mixed waste. The machine will stop and activate the alarm light and buzzer when detected mixed waste. It is built on the SMEMA interface integrated into the production line. The system also keeps track of the technicians who service the kiosks, the technician has to empty the machine full of garbage containers and kiosks loaded with empty containers. The system keeps track of the carrier / boat / tray and control inventory lifecycle of each carrier / boat / tray. The use of carriers / ships / trays can also be analyzed from the system for maintenance, repair, replacement, and so on.

Our collection kiosks, have a software driver instrument automation and control, which interacts directly with the instruments via GPIB, serial communication (RS-232), Ethernet and so on. Comes with a built-in scripting engine that allows the user to write their own automatic control sequence easily and quickly in either Pascal programming languages Visual Basic, C or ++. You can also collect data from instruments to generate reports automatically. Reports can be easily designed in various formats. Includes: -Script Editor (supports Visual Basic, C and Pascal languages ++) -The process mode (console user to run the process automation tools) -The automatic data collection -Reporting -Report Designer -
-Database tools -Multi-user multi-level security -Full support for GPIB, serial communication (RS-232), Ethernet and etc. diagnostic tools

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