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Product Description Rucoil Automatic Collection Kiosks Rucoil’s automated kiosks are the new self-service for the garbage collection that for decades, different businesses, governments and consumers have looked for, to solve the problems of recycling organic waste and used motor oil. Rucoil has created a new technology platform for the automatic collection of all kind of used oil and food waste, a powerful and innovative technology that converts waste problems into an economical solution to increase revenue, profitability and return on investment. These kiosks will ensure a new experience that encourages everybody to reduce pollution by reducing the operating costs and improving the efficiency of the operations. Our technology platform to the automatic collection kiosks offer a full range of solutions for a new and inevitable change in recycling for a self-service and collection. Product Operation The operation of our automatic collection machines or network of machines for the collection of used cooking oil, used motor oil and food scrap will become one of the most popular business enterprises because of its accessibility to business, customers and the continuous demand in a society on-the-go. Our automatic collection machines can serve multiple purposes for consumers who will be providing the waste in exchange for a coupon or voucher with value. Description of the Machines Used Cooking Oil & Used Motor Oil Machines u Advanced software on Linux u 32” touch display u Thermal printer (80mm thermal paper width) u Card reader (support IC, RF and Magnetic) u Handling System u Flatbed conveyor & weigh scale u Flatbed conveyor for empty bottle u Racks with inner sweeper u Whole machine capacity: 175 bottles

The automatic interactive kiosks are capable of: - Multimedia interactivity - Cash/Cashless payment and validation based on the identity - Digital communication - Video analysis - Telemetry - Video analysis function
- Remote management capabilities based on the cloud The cashless payment from the machine to the user for the collection can be made with membership cards, debit/credit card, mobile payment, online payment and so on to provide the convenience to customers and indirectly promote more recycling of all kinds of used oils and food wastes. The multimedia interactivity is through a large touch screen to attract more attention and to be more attractive to potential customers, which will increase The kiosk can also deliver an empty container to its members to continue the collection, while also providing alerts when the kiosk is struck, if there is any damage, is out of stock and so on. The internet connection in the kiosks will provide a collection management function and the updates and content of the management software for digital signage, interactive display content and themes can be performed remotely and securely to any number of intelligent kiosk machines. Businesses and consumers also deserve an industrial system that would save time and costs, with a little fun and lively interactively. Technical Specification - CPU and Chipset Processor Intel ® Atom ™ N2600 and NM10 - 1GB DDR3 Storage 8GB SSD - Graphics Integrated Intel ® GMA 3600, the base frequency of 400 MHz, support Full HD 1080p - VGA connector x 1 - HDMI connector x 1 - DP conector x 1 Interfaces USB 2.0 x 4, USB / e SATA combo x 1 - Audio x 1 - LAN RJ45 x 1 - COM port (RS-232/422/485) x 2 - Digital I / S (4 inputs / 4 outputs) Vending Data Interface EVA-DTS / DEX / UCS x 1 Power Supply DC 12V + to + 19V, 3A, Case compact metal enclosure Dimension 140 x 110 x 40 mm Wi-Fi or 3G HSUPA / HSDPA / UMTS support 3.6Mbps / 7.2Mbps Interfaces MDB optional keyboard interface Vendron® Method of collection The consumer will receive a membership identification card, to be used in the automated Kiosk machines. The machine will give them a bar coded bottle for identification. The bottle will be kept in the consumer’s kitchen, or wherever it is needed to discard food scraps, cooking oil, or used motor oil. Once the bottle is full it can be returned to the kiosk. The consumer will scan the ID card, and insert the bottle in the machine. The machine will calculate the weight and provide the consumer with a receipt for materials being recycled. A new bottle will be dispensed to continue the recycling process. When the kiosk is full an automated system will send a signal to the collection company for service and filled bottles will be replaced by empty containers. The automated system will keep all records of collected data. The collected material will be used to produce organic oil, alternative bio-products, such as bio-diesel, bio energy, ethanol, glycerin, bio-pharmaceutical products, bio-plastics, lubricants and waxes, and for agricultural purposes, such as organic fertilizer. Description of the Bottles The components of the bottle are: u Capacity of 128oz u Recycle plastic bottle u Wide opening with screw u Safety lock cap u Wide handle for easy grip u Reusable plastic u Impact resistant
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