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The Kiosks data adaptor Our automatic collection kiosks will provide the adapter for the connectivity that you've been looking for the collection of the data, to link their teams, testers, existing instruments and tools for a smoothly collecting data with efficiency and reliability. It will help you easily gather useful information from any of your testers, equipment, instruments and tools or data records where generated output files. Built with an integrated scripting engine that allows users to write their own rules easily and quickly analyzes in either Basic, C ++ or Pascal programming language in order to integrate new data record formats or output files. All information and data collected will be pushed to repository data will also be used for statistical and analytical purpose. It can be installed on any standard or embedded PC running operating system of Windows 2000, XP, XP Embedded, Vista or Windows 7. The key features works with any tests, equipment’s, instruments or tools that generate data logs or output files. Built-in scripting engine for parsing rules that can be written in Basic, C++ or Pascal programming languages. Supports generic relational database such as MySQL, Firebirds and so on for data repository. Easy setup, configuration and maintenance. Save time and cost in equipment integration and connectivity. Real-time data collection.

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