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We are forming in many different ways significantly more relationships that matter to each organization, so as to deliver innovative products and services of machines promotes your business in the online social net world, recycle and collect 24 hours a day! Whatever you decide to do with their time, the recycling business is working for you all day, every day. You have your own "recycling and promotion team" working 24 hours a day - no breaks, no call in sick and totally predictable in terms of performance gains by recycling and collection. Not require training, supervision, or motivation and they do work hard cash for you. This collection and recycling equipment are large enough; you can replace your current income  Operating Costs The route of starting a business and the sum of the costs of our accessible automated machines(s) is sometimes overlooked. Here we explore three general areas of costs associated with the operation of the automatic collection machines so you can make a more informed decision before entering the industry. Current expenses in the private recycle center
Ongoing machine’s business expenses include, but are not limited to, general liability insurance, the cost of maintaining the machine(s) supplied, and the administrative costs of traditional business is between $250 to 500 year. Monthly rent or commissions paid to business owners where you put your machine(s) are common, but not universal spending owner’s collection machines. These royalties depending location range up to 3% percent of sales, most often in the range of 5% percent if evaluated. Taxation
Like any other business, the used cooking oil and the used motor oil machine’s businesses are responsible for paying taxes and benefits to qualify for taxes on carbon emission credits. In most cases, you will need to obtain a tax license and tag stickers for your machine(s). Depending on the area being operated, may be subject to county taxes on the income generated by the machine(s). Service and maintenance machine
The automatic collection of waste in the commercial establishments and homes is a solution for a common problem – what to do with our waste? Our machines can create savings in transportation, recycling and collection of the waste to be recycled and converted into a commodity that can be sold to industries of clean energy and oil, minimizing the time and money spent in the operation.
Product Operation The operation of our automatic collection machines or network of machines, will become one of the most popular business enterprises because its accessibility to business, customers and the continuous demand in 0a society on-the-go. Our automatic collection machines can serve multiple purposes for consumers who will be providing the waste in exchange for a coupon or voucher with value. Rucoil projection Kiosks Business Performance The following data is confidential and not for use by any person not authorized by Rucoil, LLc and its subsidiaries. This is an example data is based on the projection of the automated kiosks for the collection and recycling of used oil, operated as accurate as possible.
Note: These costs depend on the available raw material and value in the marketplace 1. The value of the gallon of used oil sold to the recycling companies/market is $2.10 per gallon. The cost of a gallon of oil collected is defined in the table as the money paid to the customer per gallon of used oil deposited/registered, which is .90¢. 2. The single income does not include the costs of the buying and selling of the bottles, cleaning, vehicles expenses, the costs of energy (approximately $250 to $400 a year), the costs of maintaining the machines, the monthly rent or commissions paid to businesses owners (3% to 5%)where you put your machines, the cost of installation or other miscellaneous costs. 3. Also the collection machine’s businesses are responsible for paying taxes. In most cases, you will need to obtain a tax license and tag stickers for your machines. Depending on the area being operated, may be subject to country taxes on the income generated by the machine(s). Also coalification of benefits for credits. taxes of carbon emission and benefits of credits per collection equipment etc.

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