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US 2013-0228623 A1
About Us Vision Rucoil has the vision to identify the solution and develop a strategy defined for better products and/or to create value and competitive advantage in the recycle industries. Our company provides novel technologies to the community, consumers, industries, and the government. The utilization of these parties will provide economic benefits and other significant aid and options to the market. Mission Statement Our mission is to expand the continuous growth of our product to reduce contamination and revolutionize the market through the development of our Rucoil machine. We intend to aid businesses and retailers nationwide with our programs and services while staying in compliance with mandatory recycling laws. Our automatic recycling machines will save your company thousands of dollars in annual costs of solid waste disposal. Company Profile Rucoil, LLC is a business whose main focus is to develop innovative patent pending products, specially designed for effortless storing and transportation of organic waste. The collected materials from the Rucoil machine collects and stores the wastes that can be recycled and turned into alternative bio-products like bio-diesel, bio-energy, ethanol, glycerin, pharmaceutics bio-products, bio-plastics, lubricants, waxes, and organic compost for agriculture. Founded in the state of Connecticut in 2010 by Ed Oquendo, winner of the Green Circle Award from the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP), our goal is to permanently implement an extraordinary and innovative approach to dispose every day household wastes.

Contact Information Rucoil, LLC 121 Broadway Norwich, CT 06360 Phone: (860) 383-4702
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